GPL Cooperation Commitment - Company

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Company adoption of the GPL Cooperation Commitment

  1. No Agreement. There are no agreements or other documents to sign.

  2. No Fees. There are no fees or payments required to participate.

  3. Post the Commitment.
    • Copy the GPL Cooperation Commitment verbatim from the file “GPL Cooperation”. You can open this file with this link
    • Search and replace “YOUR COMPANY” with your company name.
    • Post the Commitment on your company’s web page or other publicly facing document(s) (e.g., it could be on your company’s Github home page).
    • Here are some examples:
  4. Publicize your Commitment.
    • Use social media, press releases, or other methods to tell your customers and the broader open source community of the positive steps you made to make open source even safer. Here are some examples:
    • Red Hat’s blog
    • HPE’s blog
      - Add your company name to the file in this repository and add a link to your GPL Cooperation Commitment text. You do this by initiating a pull request to the file in this repository.

    Alternatively, you may click here which will automatically generate an email requesting the administrator to add your company to commitment.

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